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Cigar and Stogie related gift ideas for your groomsmen

It's a time-honored tradition: celebrate the moment by lighting up a cigar. Of course there are three crucial elements to this scenario: a fine cigar, a lighter and your best friends in the world. Groomsshop can outfit you to be ready with the first two. You supply the friends.
SALE Personalized Wood Cigar Box

$ 15.99

Mark that special day with a unique gift for your groomsmen by giving them this classic keepsake cigar box! It is simple in design and suitable for...


Personalized Wood Cigar Box

$ 15.99

$ 19.99

SALE Personalized Black Leather Cigar Holder

$ 23.99

If your groomsmen like to enjoy a good cigar away from home, then our Black Leather Cigar Holder will be an appreciated gift.  A great gift and an ...

SALE Travel Cigar Holder for Groomsmen

$ 31.99

For the avid cigar connoisseur, our convenient take-along Personalized Travel Cigar Holder lets them bring three (3) of their favorites with them. ...

SALE Engraved Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter

$ 23.19

The Zippo classic brushed chrome lighter.  This is the standard!. A reliable lighter that works every time, you can't do any better than Zippo. Thi...

SALE Zippo High Polish Chrome Lighter for Groomsmen

$ 25.59

Looking for a unique groomsmen gift idea? Try a Zippo High Polish Chrome Lighter. Invented by George G. Blaisdell in 1932 in Bradford, PA, the Zipp...

SALE Monogrammed Cigar Humidor

$ 52.99

Cigar smokers agree there’s nothing better than savoring the taste of a great cigar that’s been kept fresh inside a humidor. As cigar smoking conti...


Monogrammed Cigar Humidor

$ 52.99

$ 61.99

SALE Personalized Groomsmen Cigar Humidor

$ 55.99

Keep your cigars at their freshest with our colorful and sturdy Personalized Cigar Humidor. Available in a variety of designs and created to match ...

SALE Green Bay Packers Zippo

$ 35.99

Our Personalized NFL Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter makes the perfect gift for the NFL fan who wants a good-looking and reliable lighter. The brushed...

SALE Personalized 5 Stick Cigar Caddy

$ 28.00

Treat your wedding party right when you hand each one of them their own GS- 5 Stick Personalized Cigar Caddy. They make the perfect groomsmen gifts...

SALE Zippo Slim® Lighter

$ 27.19

The Zippo Slim® brushed chrome lighter works every time. The world-famous windproof lighter comes with the Lifetime Guarantee. The lighter can be e...