15 Fun Stripper Free Ideas for a Bachelor Party

15 Fun Stripper Free Ideas for a Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Ideas

A man's bachelor party is a big deal; it's his last hurrah as a single man before entering into married life. He'll want to blow off some steam with his closest friends to celebrate, and the traditional way to do this at a bachelor party is with lots of strippers and alcohol. If the groom isn't too keen on the idea of hiring strippers before he commits to spending his life with the woman he loves, or, more likely, if the bride-to-be disapproves of the idea, there are plenty of ways you can throw a bachelor party without strippers.

A lot of pressure is put on the best man to plan the perfect bachelor party. To help you out, here are 15 fun ideas for a stripper-free bachelor party:

1. Paintballing

What's more fun for a group of guys than spending a day shooting each other? Book an afternoon of paintballing, split up into teams and do battle. There'll be plenty of different games and activities that put you head-to-head against each other. Test your tactics, your ability to cooperate with each other and your sneaking and shooting skills. You might have a few bruises the next day, but it will be a fun, active day that you can all enjoy.

2. Go Karting

Bring out the competitive nature of all your friends with some go kart racing. It's been a popular activity for bachelor parties in recent years and its fast-paced nature and aspects of friendly, or not-so-friendly, competition makes it a fun day out. Get out on the track and see which of your friends is the fastest, and if you're feeling generous to the groom at his own party, you might even let him win. 

3. Camping

Celebrate your manliness by spending a weekend in the great outdoors. Feel like real men by starting your own fire and cooking some steaks over it. Pack plenty of beers, as well, and share stories around the campfire while you have a drink. A couple of nights in the wilderness, away from technology and wedding planning might be just what the groom needs to calm his nerves before the big day.  

4. Backyard BBQ

Want to enjoy the outdoors without any of the actual wilderness? Grilling up a steak on the barbecue with a cooler of beers in the backyard is just as good. Party under the stars with your friends without having to pitch a tent or start your own fire. If grilling your own meat is even too much of a stretch for you, order in pizza and have a great night in (or out) with the guys.

5. Road trip

Hit the open road and head to wherever the groom fancies. Or, even better, wherever you fancy, and don't tell the groom where he's going. Go to cities that he's always dreamed of seeing, or places that he remembers well from his past. Travel to Las Vegas or Atlantic City for a fun weekend with casinos, alcohol and lots of entertainment. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but be careful how much you bet, or else the groom might not be able to afford the wedding!

6. Poker night

If you can't quite afford the trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, or can't afford the amount of money you expect to lose, having a friendly poker night with your friends is the next best thing. Plus, you can choose the buy-in, so you can make it as high or low-stakes as you like. Celebrate with a night of Texas Hold 'Em, beer and embarrassing stories about the groom (but save some stories for the best man's speech). You can hold the game at home, or you might be able to rent out a private room in a casino for a taste of the real experience.  

7. Golf Outing

If the groom is an avid golfer, what better way to spend his bachelor party than around 18-holes of a golf course. As an added touch, you could get him, or the whole party if you're feeling extra generous, some personalized golf balls or tees to play the game in style. Even if all of the guys aren't into golf, you can drag them along and let the groom show them how it's done. Drinks at the clubhouse after the game will finish off the day nicely. 

8. Fishing

Another activity that's good if it's an interest of the groom, but probably isn't a good idea otherwise, is fishing. For some people, it's the perfect way to relax and spend time alone or with their friends, for others it's a bit of a bore, so make sure you know the groom's opinion on the matter. If the groom is a fan, take a boat out with some friends and a few beers and enjoy the peacefulness of an afternoon of fishing. You could even combine this with a night of camping.  

9. Watch a Game

If you'd rather watch sports than play them, get the gang some tickets to see the groom's favorite team play. Whatever his sport is; football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, it will make a great day out, especially if his team wins. Try to speak to someone from the stadium and let them know that you're celebrating, and you might get yourselves up on the big screen. 

10. Ski Trip

A skiing or snowboarding trip is a great idea for an adventurous holiday. Hit the slopes during the day and then there's plenty of time left to spend on other activities. Spend some time chilling out in the lodge, go out for drinks and dinner at night, and see what other activities are on offer locally. Don't let the groom break a leg though or get weird tan lines from his ski goggles; the bride won't forgive you for either. 

11. Extreme Sports

Do something extreme for his bachelor party to really get the blood pumping. Sky diving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, surfing, mountain climbing; there's plenty of options to give him a thrill before he takes the plunge into marriage. We're sure it will provide you with some great stories for your best man's speech, but try not to break him before the big day. 

12. A Civilized Dinner

If you feel like you and your friends are too mature for crazy parties or insane activities, you can always go low-key and sophisticated with a simple meal out at the groom's favorite restaurant. Treat him to a no-expenses spared dinner giving you a chance to spend some quality time together. Of course, it doesn't have to be too civilized if you still want alcohol to be involved in the night. 

13. Bar Crawl

All of the booze without any of the strippers. Hit the town and go round all of your favorite bars and clubs, buying a drink at each place. You can play some games or set embarrassing and hilarious challenges on the way, which will get even more entertaining once you've all got a few drinks in you. You don't have to do it locally, either; you could revisit the groom's college town and go to all of the bars he frequented as a student, for example. 

14. Cocktail Master Class

Does the groom have dreams of being like Tom Cruise in the movie, Cocktail. He can learn all of the tricks of the trade with a cocktail master class. Learn how to make fancy cocktail recipes and practice spinning and flipping bottles like they do in the movies. Of course, tasting the cocktails is a big part of it too. It will create a real party atmosphere for you all to enjoy. If cocktails aren't his thing, a whiskey tasting experience is another option. 

15. Co-ed Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

If the bride and groom don't trust each other to be on their best behavior on their big nights out, or if they just prefer partying together, combining the bachelor and bachelorette parties might be a good idea. Combining both their friends together will give you a bigger, and hopefully better, party, and the maid of honor can even help you organize it. If the bridal party and the groom's friends are close and get along well, then great, if not, then it's a good opportunity for them to get to know each other a bit more before the wedding. 

These ideas have hopefully given you some good plans for the groom's big send off, no matter what his idea of a good time is. You can combine some of these activities for the ultimate bachelor party day; go paintballing or go karting in the day, and then go on a bar crawl at night, for example. Who says you need strippers to throw a good bachelor party?

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