Fun Wedding Ideas

Jul 05, 2017

Few lifetime events are as rich in tradition as the wedding. Bright, colorful, and fun, it celebrates love with rituals and traditions passed down through the generations. Most people expect certain traditions to be included, but there is always room for a new tradition or fun, new idea to spice things up. When planning your wedding, consider including a few of the following ideas to make your event even more personal and special.

• Buy a large matted photo frame for your wedding photo and allow your guest to sign it.

• Have the bridesmaids write well wishes on the bottom of the bride’s shoes in blue marker as her ‘something blue.’

• Put a box next to the guest book with a small notepad and ask guests to offer little tidbits of advice by writing them on the papers and dropping them in the box. The bride and groom can read them together after the honeymoon.

• Choose a color scheme based on something you both enjoy such as a video game you play together, a TV show you love, your favorite movie, or your chosen sports team.

• In addition to hiring a professional photographer for the most important shots, consider inviting a photography student from a nearby college to take photos at the reception. They won’t charge much, especially if they can use the shots for their course projects and they’ll be likely to get some fun, interesting photos.

• Have custom flasks or wine glasses made for your bridal party.

• Instead of designating a specific bridesmaids dress, give your bridesmaids a sample swatch in the color of your choice and let the bridesmaids choose a dress to match.

• Fill the limo with helium balloons before the wedding. When the bride and groom open the door to leave for the reception, the balloons will be freed and fly up into the air.

• Put disposable cameras on each of the tables at the reception and encourage guests to take photos for you.

• Rent a photo booth and let guests take photos together during the reception for a fun keepsake.

• Visit a craft store to find flowers that match the bridal bouquet or decorations. Cut off the blooms and use hot glue to fix them to hair clips or bobby pins for the bride and bridesmaids to wear in their hair.

• Have a dollar dance where guests put a dollar into a hat for the honor of dancing with the bride or groom for a moment.

• Write a love letter to each other to be opened during a big argument.

• Have the groom and his groomsmen ‘collect’ the bride from the bridesmaids, requiring them to pass a test or complete a challenge to have her.

• Instead of throwing birdseed as the bride and groom leave the church, throw rose petals or blow bubbles for a fun, creative addition to after wedding photos.

• Make special party favor baskets for the kids’ tables that include mini coloring books, crayons, and stickers to keep the children happy and quiet during the reception.

• Forgo the traditional veil with a garland of flowers for a gorgeous, Spring inspired look that shows off the bride’s beautiful face and hair as she walks down the aisle.

• Replace the traditional wedding cake with large glass containers filled with different kinds of candy for a fun, candy shop theme or buy custom wine glasses personalized with your names and the date of your wedding and fill them with individually wrapped candies.

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