Top 10 Groomsmen Gifts Ideas for 2017

Jul 05, 2017

Choosing gifts for a groomsman is one task on a list of many awaiting a soon-to-be married couple. It is an important task, however.

The groomsman deserves some thanks for the part that he will play in prep, as well as during the wedding. By putting in just a little bit of thought and creativity, finding the perfect gift for your groomsman need not be a difficult task. Try to think outside the box, but make sure you purchase something that will not get pushed into a storage cupboard and forgotten. Get the guys something that they can put to good use.

If you are struggling to find the right idea, here are a few pointers to get you onto the right track.


#1 Engraved Vintage Glass Flasks

Engraved Vintage Glass Flasks

Why not consider vintage glass flasks with a unique styling. Engrave them with the groomsman’s name and the date of the wedding to remind him of the part he played in the special day. The flasks, which hold 8.5oz of liquid are small enough to be kept in an inside jacket pocket. Swing tops provide an extra visual appeal to each flask.


#2 Personalized Beer Mugs  

Personalized Groomsmen Beer Mugs

If your groomsman is more of a beer lover, then a personalized beer mug might be just the gift for him. Again, you could engrave it with the date of your special day, or something that the groomsman would appreciate, for example, his favorite quote.


#3 Duffel Bag

Groomsmen Duffel Bags

If your groomsman is sporty or a gym goer, a duffel bag might be exactly what he needs. Duffel bags have multiple uses, however, not only for sports, so he is sure to get good use out of it. Personalize it with his name to make your gift extra special.


#4 Tool Bottle Opener

A perfect gift for the “Mr. Fixit” groomsman, these bottle openers, which are shaped like tools, are a truly unique gift. A choice of four different options allows you to pick the tool that you think best fits him. If he has worked extremely hard to contribute to the success of your wedding, why not consider getting him all four!


#5 All in One Sinful Product Case

Personalized Cigar Flask with Brushed Silver Lighter Gift Set

Here is another gift that can be personalized with the groomsman’s initials, further adding to its charm. This “All in One Sinful Product Case” contains the necessary components to end off a perfect wedding. The kit contains a cigar case, small lighter, and a flask to hold the groomsman’s favorite drink. Chances are that if you fill the flask and cigar case, they both will be empty at the end of the wedding reception! Why not consider one of these for all the males in the bridal party?


#6 Rescue Knife

Engraved Hard-Wood Handle Locking Pocket Knife

Every groomsman or man for that matter, needs a top quality knife, especially if they spend plenty of time outdoors. These handmade knives, which can be personalized, are small enough to fit into a pants pocket. They are finished with a beautiful wooden handle, further adding to their aesthetic appeal.


#7 Belt Buckle Flask

Personalized Belt Buckled Flask

Holding 2 ounces of your groomsman’s favorite tipple, a Belt Buckle Flask is both a fun and practical gift to consider. The flask itself fits into a holster that attaches to the belt. It extremely durable and made from stainless steel.


#8 Natural Bristle Shaving Brush

Personalized Shave Kits

If your groomsman is the type of man that likes his face clean and shaves every day, consider this vintage style shaving brush. Not only is it finished with a beautiful wooden handle, but the bristles last forever as they are kept in place by a steel ring. You might consider adding some expensive shaving lotion and aftershave balm to round out the gift perfectly.


#9 Turf Coasters

If the groomsman has a bar at home or is a sports nut, then these turf coasters are not only a one of a kind idea, but just about the perfect gift.


#10 Drink Rocks

There is always one friend who either never has ice for your drinks, or runs out of ice as the party is getting into full swing. If your groomsman suffers from a similar problem, why not help him out with these funky drink rocks. Shaped out of soapstone or marble, these rocks can be chilled in a refrigerator and placed in your favorite drink. Best of all, they never dilute your drink the way ice does.


Every one of these gifts mentioned above is not only useful, but they are unique.  They are the perfect way to thank your groomsman for the part he played at your wedding and in your life.


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