7 Gifts Your Groomsmen Will Actually Use

Dec 13, 2017


There’s nothing worse than a gift that gets thrown in a drawer or shoved in a closet never to be seen again. Some are funny, like toilet paper with the groom’s face on it or bottle opener sunglasses (yes, that’s a real thing). Some may seem useful in theory, like pocket protectors or a paper weight (yawn). However, the reality is that these things seldom get used, but hold just enough sentiment not to be tossed out, so they sit and collect dust. To avoid being the giver of junk, take a look at our list of the 7 most useful gifts:


Personalized Beer Glasses


This is a no-brainer: everybody uses glassware. We have tons of options, so it’s easy to pick out a vessel that’s well-suited for each of your buddies. From everyday use to liquor-specific, with or without NFL insignia, Groomsshop has it all!

 Personalized Luggage Tag

Leather Luggage Tag

    A monogrammed luggage tag is an easy and inexpensive gift for all your groomsmen. Even if they don’t travel often, your friends will appreciate finding their suitcase with ease the next time they do!


    Engraved Pen

    Engraved Pen

      Whether we’re at home or in the office, pens are something we all use. You can’t go wrong with the write utensil!


      Personalized Bleacher Chair
      Stadium Bleacher Chair

      Chances are, this is a gift your groomsmen don’t already have – but really should! After all, nothing says friendship quite like improving their posture. Whether your best dudes love a good college football game or are a regular attendee of their kids’ soccer matches, a personalized stadium chair is something your groomsmen (and their backs) will appreciate!


      Personalized Hanger

      Personalized Hanger

      Not only is this a gift that your groomsmen can use daily, buying them a personalized hanger will ensure that their tuxes a.) won’t get mixed up and b.) are wrinkle-free for the wedding – it’s a win-win!


      Engraved Business Card Holder

      Business Card Holder

      Help ‘em stay organized. Any office dweller can appreciate a useful, custom business card holder. We have several different options, from basic to sleek and sophisticated, just take a look!


      Engraved Flashlight


      A great addition to anyone’s toolkit. While it may not get used as often as a pen or a glass, everyone needs a flashlight in case of power outage or to get a good look under the hood of their car

        We handpicked these items for their practicality as well as their popularity among our previous customers. Ultimately, you know your groomsmen better than we do, but these gifts tend to work for any kind of guy!

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