Best Groomsmen Gifts Ever

Aug 25, 2016

These are the guys that have been with you through thick and thin. They’ve called you out when you acted arrogantly, lifted you up when you were down and encouraged you to do your thing.

And now they’re getting ready to be there for you on your special day, watching you make the biggest commitment of your life, and all that that entails. They’re there to calm your nerves and share in your joy.

So it goes without saying that showing them your appreciation is important, and you can do that in two ways, and we recommend both in tandem.

First, tell them that you appreciate them, and that they are the best friends a guy could ask for. Second, give them groomsmen gifts that show them you’re still going to be the same buddy to them you’ve always been, even after you’re married.

Stumped on what to get them? We got you…

We have a list of the best groomsmen gifts ever and who they are most suited for.

#1 Poker Night Swag

Poker night. How much craziness and laughter do you get out of that?

Maybe it used to be a once-a-week ritual and now it’s slipped into the background of your busy lives with families and careers, or maybe you managed to keep it as priority throughout the years.

Whether you want to revive it or just upgrade it, it’s time for a professional poker set and leather card sharks cases for the boys, personalized as well.

Never had poker night but always wanted to get into it? Might as well start off with the right tools and learn from there.

Whatever the case, nothing says bro-bonding like poker night with the boys. Add to that a martini shaker and you’ve got yourself some Bond vibes to go along with the game.

#2 Fit for a Gentleman

Speaking of James Bond, are your boys into designer suits and stylish accessories? Then maybe the best way to go is classy.

 Some options:


  • Pocket watch
  • Leather cigar holder
  • Monogrammed cigar humidor
  • Stylish glass flask
  • Sterling silver cufflinks


You want to keep it to one gift per groomsman as more than that will take away from the quality and value of each gift. And be sure to have these gifts packaged in an elegant and refined way as well.

#3 Three Cheers for Beer!

Not too fond of martinis? Bond movies not your thing? Feel like poker night would be weird with wine, and whiskey would make your game just a little too risky?

Then beer is your friend, and it’s time to drink it the way it’s meant to be drunk: in big, burly mugs.

Some swear by the enhanced taste and fizziness of drinking beer in a mug. Though we find the difference too subtle to really notice, we do enjoy the manly feel of a large mug full of strong lager.

#4 For the Wild at Heart

Are you and your friends the adventurous types? Do you frequently hear the calling of the great outdoors tugging on your instincts? Then liquor and indoor games might not be the best course.

Try personalized outdoors gifts instead, like:

  • Backpacks
  • Fishing rods
  • Pocket knives
  • Zippo lighters

The cool thing about these gifts is that you can all use them together on your next trip. And when each of your buddies takes his kid out camping or goes hiking with friends, you’ll be there with them in spirit.

#5 DIY Goodies Basket

Sometimes you and your friends are all about eating and drinking, and trinkets, even if useful, are secondary. In this case, putting together a goodies basket with their favorite munchies and drinks is a simple and easy groomsmen gift idea.

Buy cheap baskets (most guys won’t keep an empty basket around anyway) and fill them with candy bars, beer nuts, energy drinks, small liquor bottles and chips.

You can then have a “welcome back” get-together after the honeymoon and devour all these goodies together at poker or video/board game night.

Speaking of which…

#6 Board Gaaaaaames!

Remember when you were a kid and you would spend hours with your friends or siblings playing Monopoly?

Well, maybe it’s time to bring that old-school vibe back.

Board games are not only fun, they also stimulate strategic thinking, enhance nonverbal communication, build teamwork, and make you feel on top of the world with each victory. They also teach you how to be a graceful loser – a great life skill if there ever was one.

A few of our good ol’ favorites:

  • Scrabble
  • Risk
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Pictionary

Or, if you’re fearless, go ahead and try out some of the newer options on the market and be the first of your crew to discover the next Monopoly. We recommend you get each of your friends a different board game and then schedule a game night at each one’s house.

#7 The Die Hard NFL Fans

Are you one of those groups that religiously follow the NFL? Are your friendships filled with teasing and arguing during each play? Do you make bets and get fired up?

Then nothing will show your commitment to this tradition like getting some personalized NFL gifts.

Beer mugs, shot glasses, flasks, dog tags, money clips, Zippos, can coolers and tumblers – all of these can be NFL-themed and personalized for your groomsmen.

#8 The BBQ Buddies

And what goes perfectly with NFL (or any kind of spot) season? Barbeque of course!

Let’s break it down:

  • “Grillmaster” aprons with large pockets to hold grilling tools
  • Grilling set with a personalized bamboo lightweight case
  • Coolers and cooler bags
  • Personalized grilling spatulas
  • “Grill Sergeant” apron in camouflage print
  • Wood grill scraper

And don’t forget to plan a post-wedding grill-off.

#9 For the Bar Aficionado

OK, we already mentioned beer mugs (glass or gunmetal), flasks of all types and mini liquor bottles in a goody basket. So what else could make cool bar-type groomsmen gifts?

Bar signs and prints, of course!

You can get them personalized or NFL-themed too.

If your friends don’t have their own special bar area, then bar glassware is a good way to say: “I’m still coming over for drinks and chips on Tuesday nights, even after the wedding.”

#10 Books for a Brother

Do you and your friends enjoy intellectual conversations, philosophical debates, motivational talks or political banter?

This gift could be the most personalized one of them all because you can get each groomsman a different book that suits his taste and interests, and of course you can all exchange them once in a while as well.

And the best part is that it will be something to talk about next time you’re together having dinner or drinks.

Some of our favorites are historical biographies of great men such as Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi. But don’t be afraid to branch out from the political sphere. Biographies of adventurers such as Jacques Cousteau can inspire you all to take up sailing or trekking again, or a great sportsmen such as Muhammad Ali can get you all back in the gym or out on the field.

A little note from you on the first page about why you chose this particular title for this particular friend will go a long way down memory lane.


#11 An Experience to Share

Sometimes sharing an experience can be more memorable than any gift, no matter how personalized.

Men bond over doing more than talking, though banter and heartfelt conversations usually intersperse shared activities, especially if you choose something with a natural surrounding. Vegas can be fun, but not everyone might remember it!

Have you thought about organizing a hiking or fishing weekend to immortalize your fellowship?

#12 A Friendship Montage

Budget a bit tight with all the wedding plans? Or maybe you’re not really into material gifts and there’s not enough time to take your buddies on a bonding weekend. Either way, a great alternative is to make a video montage of your friendship with photos, video clips, you talking about memories or shared experiences and a personal message for each friend.

And unlike the video montage of you and your future-wife being projected on a screen for the guests to watch, this will be just between you and them, a private gesture that will definitely keep you all connected.

In conclusion, don’t feel like you have to do it like everyone else. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or a lot of time planning every little detail. You know your friends better than anyone, and you know that they’ll appreciate that you put in the effort during this hectic and important moment in your life. Just keep it real and you’ll be fine.





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