Personalized Best Man Gifts

While all of your groomsmen mean a lot to you and have helped you get to your wedding day in one way or another, there’s something special that made one individual your best man.

Because he holds this specific designation at your wedding, he deserves a gift that goes above and beyond. Here’s our selection of thoughtful best man gifts.

Traditional best man gifts like a gunmetal pocket watch or leather bag for his golf shoes are great for any guy who stands by your side during your wedding. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional, personalized best man gifts are on another level when it comes to thanking this person who means so much to you.

Below is our selection of best man-specific gifts. Customize your pick with his name and your wedding date so he always remembers your big day and what he means to you.

Personalized Grilling Set - Bamboo Case - Stainless Steel - Groomsmen Gift-Knives- Personalized Grilling Set - Bamboo Case - Stainless Steel - Groomsmen Gift-Knives-On Sale
$ 47.99 $ 59.99

What Is Best Man Gift Etiquette?

Best man gift etiquette isn’t that much different than groomsmen gift etiquette. But since he has a specific designation and is in charge of your bride’s ring during the ceremony and organizing that awesome bachelor party, your best man should get something more expensive and thoughtful than the other groomsmen.

Some grooms go the opposite direction, entirely. This is fine, especially when the groom’s relationship with the best man calls for a gag gift. Funny best man gifts can be used to break the stress of the wedding day. Give him a mini baseball bat or poker set for his kid. You can also buy him a giant canvas print to hang in his basement that goes against the feng shui his wife had envisioned for the room.

If this is too much of a gamble, a thoughtful best man gift is the way to go. We have arranged this special and customizable gifts together in the list above.