Groomsmen Gift Sets

 Check out this collection of some of our best selling groomsmen gift sets, discounted and grouped into packs of 4 or 5.We know your budget matters, so we've created these into groomsmen gift boxes to save you some money.

Each item in our groomsmen gift sets can be individually personalized. Each is also available individually if you need more than 5. Make shopping for your wedding party simple by purchasing everything together in a groomsmen gift box below.

Personalized Set of 5 Wall Mounted Bottle Openers-Bar Accessories-JDS- Personalized Set of 5 Wall Mounted Bottle Openers-Bar Accessories-JDS-Sold Out
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Groomsmen Gift Sets for the Unsung Heroes

Just as the Red Baron's squadron had his back over Cambrai, your groomsmen will have yours on your big day. Working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes smoothly, as well as being your lifeline and emotional support in this turbulent event, they truly are the unsung heroes of the wedding. They came from near and far, regardless of how convenient it was, to stand by your side as you enter a new stage of life.

While you may worry that you'll see less of them from now on, they've never been more proud and loyal. Historically called "ushers," your groomsmen are accomplishing a bit more than showing the guests to their seats. They're also ushering you into married life.

As your best friends and relatives, their blessing counts just as much as your parents, and giving you away to your future spouse is a bittersweet moment for them. While nothing can compensate them for losing your full attention and free time, the groom traditionally gives his groomsmen a meaningful gift as an expression of gratitude for their comradeship on the big night and so many others.

When one of the items from a groomsmen gift set catches your friend’s eye as he uses it in the future, he'll remember what it means and give you a call.