Junior Groomsmen Gifts

Having a junior groomsmen in your wedding party is a great way to involve your younger brother, cousin, family friend or son. It’s likely the first time he has ever been in a wedding so you have the pleasure of showing him it’s not always just a boring ceremony. Remember your first time as a groomsmen? Pretty special, right?

Now this is your chance to make it a positive experience with one of these awesome junior groomsmen gifts.

Here are some of the junior or teenage groomsmen gifts you will find below.

  • Wood cribbage board and cards
  • Groomsmen dog tags
  • Personalized mouse pad
  • Black leather writing pad
  • Personalized gunmetal cufflinks
Personalized Wooden Phone Speaker - Cell Phone Speaker-Travel Design- Personalized Wooden Phone Speaker - Cell Phone Speaker-Travel Design-On Sale
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Personalized Bamboo Notebook Personalized Bamboo NotebookOn Sale
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What’s a Junior Groomsmen?

A junior groomsmen is typically old enough to walk but not to drive. While unable to consume alcohol, he is just as much a part of your wedding as any other member of the wedding party. They should skip the stag party, but here’s where junior groomsmen can be involved during the wedding festivities:

  • Co-ed wedding showers
  • Pre or post-wedding photos
  • Walking a bridesmaid down the aisle
  • Standing in front during the ceremony

And most importantly, your junior groomsmen should be perched at the head table alongside everyone else in the wedding party. Give ‘em first dibs on the food and all the Shirley Temples their stomachs can handle. Having a tapped keg of root beer for your junior groomsmen is another classy touch.