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Cigar and Stogie related gift ideas for your groomsmen

It's a time-honored tradition: celebrate the moment by lighting up a cigar. Of course there are three crucial elements to this scenario: a fine cigar, a lighter and your best friends in the world. Groomsshop can outfit you to be ready with the first two. You supply the friends.
SALE Engraved Zippo Satin Chrome Playboy 3-D

$ 22.99

The iconic Playboy bunny makes this satin chrome lighter the ultimate groomsmen gift. The genuine Zippo windproof lighter is packaged in a tin with...

SALE Engraved Zippo Aces Lighter

$ 26.99

The Personalized Zippo Aces Lighter features the lucky Ace of Spades on front and lots of room for name or other inscription on the back. Makes for...


Engraved Zippo Aces Lighter

$ 26.99

$ 34.99