Groomsmen Money Clips and Personalized Wallets

Groomsmen gifts often do not fall into the "use me everyday” category, let alone into the "make me more comfortable” category. But buying your groomsmen money clips from us can accomplish both.

We have a wide selection of personalized wallets and money clips. Our groomsmen money clips can hold credit cards, cash, and identification cards together securely so you’re not recounting your steps from the night before looking for your debit card.

Our personalized wallets give you easy access for your pockets for public transportation cards and will no doubt meet the needs of all groomsmen in any groom's party, whether they always ride in the back of the limo or they are the designated driver.
Personalized Bottle Openers - Set of 5 - Stainless Steel - Groomsmen Gifts- On Sale
$ 84.99 $ 92.99
Personalized Wallets - Money Clip - Set of 5 - Leather - Groomsmen- On Sale
$ 94.99 $ 134.99
Set of 5 Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip- On Sale
$ 155.99 $ 164.99
Groomsmen Gift Set of 5 Personalized Black Leather Wallet & Money Clip Sold Out
$ 162.99 $ 182.99