14 Traditional & Sentimental Gifts to Give Your Groom on Your Wedding Day

A bride holding a gift for her groom on their wedding day

In the Netherlands, it’s a tradition for newlyweds to plant a pine tree outside their home the day after the wedding. This symbol of fertility and luck is an eco-friendly way to celebrate your big day.

But how often do newlyweds have the land to plant a tree after their wedding? Instead, we came up with a list of gifts to give your groom on your wedding day that he will adore.

How to Find the Right Gift to Give Your Groom on Your Wedding Day

We know finding the right gift for your groom can be challenging. This isn’t any ordinary birthday or Christmas gift exchange, it’s the biggest day of both of your lives. So, take a deep breath, visualize the look on your groom’s face when he receives an amazing gift. Here’s how you can brainstorm a list of gifts to give your groom on your wedding day.

  1. What are their hobbies?
  2. What are they missing that would make their life more convenient?
  3. Do they ever say “If only I had a …”?
  4. Do they have a favorite sports team?
  5. Replay the first date you had with them
  6. Personalize something they would use all the time

Now that your creative gift-giving juices are flowing, let’s take a look at some specific gifts to give your groom on your wedding day.

More Sentimental Gifts for the Groom From the Bride

1. Wool Leather Briefcase

If your groom is a budding professional who is dedicated to his corporate career, he may need assistance in the style department. Help your groom ditch his old college bag for something more professional and easy to carry around town while he travels from meeting to meeting. Our wool and leather embroidered briefcase includes a padded laptop area so his valuables are protected while on the go.

2. Personalized Journal

Journal therapy is a type of therapy that’s meant to encourage people to document and reflect on experiences, feelings and thoughts. Encouraging this type of thoughtful writing in a custom journal could help you both remember the big day and the numerous milestones that are sure to follow after your wedding day.

3. Jewelry for Men

A silver medallion with a black H hanging on a silver chain

Although it’s a very popular bridesmaid item, a personalized necklace for your groom can be either worn or displayed. Your groom can display this memento at their office or at home so wherever they are, they are reminded of the commitment you have with each other through thick and thin.

4. Personalized Jack Daniel's High Polish Zippo

A silver zippo lighter with Jack Daniel's Whiskey branding engraved on the font

Give your groom a gift that is guaranteed to last. Collectible, easy-to-use and refillable customized Zippo lighters make for a simple gift for your groom. You can custom engrave the back of the lighter with their name and wedding date so they’ll never forget.

5. Premium Beer Canvas Sign

A black bar sign that says John Robinson's Beer Premium Quality

If your groom loves beer or dabbles in homebrewing, a canvas sign with their name on it is a great way to show your appreciation and interest in their hobby. These signs aren’t meant to be loud or stand out among your other home decor. Rather, it will fill that empty space in the basement or garage and will be a great story whenever company is over and asks about it.

6. Leather Canvas Toiletry Bag

Sometimes being sentimental is about gifting a thing someone needs without them even knowing they need it. Our leather canvas toiletry bag is not only unique, but it’s also compact, easy to carry and handy to use on weekend getaways. These bags will become one of the most-used items your groom will receive on your wedding day, and you can be the one to provide it.

7. Golf Shoe Bag

Relaxation can be found through various channels. Some like kicking back on the couch watching Netflix while others prefer spending time outdoors with their pets or closest friends. If your groom frequents the course, a golf shoe bag is a convenient accessory for anyone who spends time on the links. Our classy leather bags feature a full-length zipper and are certified to ensure mud and grass stay away from your home’s entryway.

More Traditional Gifts for the Groom From the Bride

8. Gunmetal Pocket Watch

One of the most traditional gifts to give your groom on your wedding day is a watch. But you can make it unique for your groom with a vintage gunmetal pocket watch. With a clock that nearly measures 2 inches in diameter and a chain that’s a foot long, your groom is sure to appreciate you taking an out-of-the-box approach to a wedding day classic.

9. Leather Watch Box

A black leather watch box that says Elliot R Grayson on the cover

If your groom already has a collection of time-telling devices, a storage box is a great way to show your appreciation for their high sense of fashion. A black leather watch box that features a lock and cushions is the perfect way to display their watches and fit seamlessly in or on dressers.

10. High-Polish Brass Cufflinks

Two high-brass polished cufflinks sitting on a brown table with the letter M in the middle

The shine of a high-polish brass cufflink doesn’t go unnoticed. This traditional gift for your groom can be presented to him before the ceremony as a gesture of love and confidence. Personalized cufflinks can be worn for any formal occasion and remind them that you have their back when it comes to showing a sense of style.

11. Saw Mountain Knife

A mountain knife with a fixed silver blade and wooden handle

If you’re getting married outdoors at a lodge, back yard or anywhere under the stars, your nature-loving groom will love their collectible yet useful saw mountain knife. Nothing is more fitting for the No. 1 outdoorsman in your life, and he’ll always remember the bond you two have whenever he uses it on the next camping trip.

12. Mahogany Humidor

The distinguished appearance of mahogany, Macintosh oak with a walnut finish looks great with our humidors. Cigars aren’t for everybody, but if your groom has found a passion for tasting a great cigar, they need this one-of-a-kind personalized humidor to keep their collection fresh and secure.

13. Personalized Grilling Set

Weddings lead to an exciting part of anyone’s life. Soon, there may be kids or maybe a new house. Get your groom ready with a grilling set so he quickly learns what to do around an open flame.

14. Custom Antiqued Compass

A bronze colored compass sitting in a brown wooden box

Not all who wander are lost. But a personalized keepsake compass will help guide your groom in the right direction and back home to their family. These compasses are ready to be used, but they also look great as a decoration around the house or in the office.

If you haven’t found “the one” for your groom on your wedding day, keep browsing our wide selection of gifts that your groom will truly appreciate.

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