Groomsmen Beer Mugs

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    You picked your groomsmen, congrats! But while thinking of what gifts to get them you realize that they all have radically different tastes and hobbies. What to do now? Beer mugs are the safe choice in a situation like this. Beer is a universal male bonding agent, and you’d be hard pressed to find a friend who is not into the occasional brew. They are a classic groomsman gift. Beer mugs remind us of our grandfather’s generation. They beckon us to remember the fellowships between men that have unfolded naturally over large mugs of dark ale and real talk. They’re also not a very expensive choice, easily fitting into most wedding budgets while still carrying a sense of value and usefulness. They’re gifts that can last a lifetime and, unlike camping gear for example, they don’t need elaborate planning to be of use.  

    We carry a selection of styles, all of which can be personalized. Each mug is between $16.99 and $43.99, and some go on sale from time to time. Beer mug sets are also a great option.

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