Military Groomsmen Gifts

Being in the military is a badge you wear with honor. So it’s only right your wedding include military groomsmen gifts. We have a huge selection of gifts for your groomsmen — regardless of rank.  

Saw Mountain Personalized Pocket Knife - Wood Handle - Spring Assisted

$ 32.99

Personalized Pocket Knife - Swiss Army Knife - 13 Function - Groomsmen

$ 29.99

Personalized Bullet Lowball Whiskey Glass- Lowball Glass - Bullet

$ 24.99

Personalized Groomsmen Lock Back Pocket Knives - Set of 5

$ 99.99

Personalized Groomsmen Axe Hatchet - Saw Mountain

$ 38.99

Personalized Saw Mountain Groomsmen Wood Handle Fixed Blade Knife

$ 33.99

Personalized Set of 5 Saw Mountain Axes for Groomsmen

$ 164.99

Personalized Cooler Chair - Camo - Sit N' Sip - Groomsmen Gifts

$ 39.99

Personalized Pocket Knife - Lock Back - Flashlight Combo - Groomsmen Gifts

$ 28.99

Personalized Multi Tool - 10 Tools - Stainless Steel - Groomsmen Gifts

$ 32.99

Personalized Cooler Chair - Set of 5 - Sit N Sip - Camo - Groomsmen Gifts

$ 189.99

Personalized Groomsmen Wood HandlePocket Knives - Set of 5

$ 164.99

Personalized Pocket Knife - Camouflage - Lock Back - Groomsmen Gifts

$ 35.99

Personalized NFL Dog Tag Necklace

$ 13.99

Personalized Pint Glass- Bulletproof - Beer Glass - 16oz

$ 32.99

Personalized Camouflage Printed Premium Grilling Apron

$ 32.99

Personalized Military Beer Mugs - 14 oz.

$ 36.99

Personalized NFL Dog Tag

$ 25.99

A Quick Guide to Military-Themed Weddings

Military-themed weddings aren’t much different than civilian weddings. However, there are subtle differences you should plan for if you’re marrying someone in the military. Here’s a list of military wedding traditions that should be addressed during the big day.

  • Military Chapels: These add to the military ambiance of the wedding and are more affordable than bigger venues. They also provide you with a military chaplain free of cost and they have experience in this setting.
  • Service Uniforms: Active duty military can choose to wear their uniforms during their wedding ceremony. But it’s important for the uniform to be worn correctly, meaning the medals and other military decorations should be included.
  • Arch of Sabers: The newly married couple traditionally exit the ceremony under a saber arch held by other members of the military attending the wedding.
  • Seating Arrangements: Formal military weddings should seat guests by rank. But you can give your military guests the option to sit among friends and family.
  • Cutting the Cake with a Sword: It’s a tradition for the bride and groom to cut the cake together with either of their military sabers.

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