Bachelor Party Gifts

Stag party gifts are a great way to thank your friends for coming to your stag celebration. Bachelor party favors can get the night started or they can signal an end to a glorious evening. Depending on how wild you and your friends want to get, choose your bachelor party gifts wisely.

Personalized Groomsmen Insulated Trail Coolers Set of 5 - Holds 12 Pack

$ 182.99

Personalized Watch Box & Sunglasses Box - Monogram

$ 59.99

Personalized Watch Box - Sunglasses Display Box for Groomsmen

$ 59.99

Personalized Húsavík Tumblers - Set of 5 - Insulated - Groomsmen - Matte Black - 30 oz.

$ 175.99

Personalized Beer Glasses - Pilsner - Gunmetal - 20 oz.

$ 29.99

Personalized Watch & Sunglasses Box Combo - Set of 5 - Monogram

$ 219.99

Personalized Trappers Supply Weekender Duffel Bags - Set of 5 Bags

$ 399.99

Personalized Canvas and Leather Shaving Travel Bags for Groomsmen - Set of 5

$ 208.99

Personalized Watch Box - Leather - Monogrammed - Holds 10 Watches

$ 59.99

Personalized Groomsmen Stainless Steel Flask - 4 oz.

$ 29.99

Personalized Flasks & 4 Shot Glasses - Gift Box Set

$ 33.99

Personalized 6 oz BlackSilver Flask Gift Set for Groomsmen

$ 33.99

Groomsmen Gunmetal Pilsner Beer Glasses Set of 5

$ 147.99

Personalized Watch Box - Leather - Black - Monogrammed - Groomsmen Gifts

$ 59.99

Personalized Black Weekender Duffel Bags for Groomsmen - Set of 5

$ 219.99

Personalized 6 oz Rustic Gold Flask Gift Set for Groomsmen

$ 33.99

Personalized Mahogany Glass Top Humidor - Set of 5

$ 263.99

Personalized Beer Glasses - Pilsner - Pewter Medallion - 20 oz.

$ 29.99

Non-alcoholic Gifts for Your Bachelor Party

A lot of ideas surrounding bachelor parties can be soaked in alcohol, but we’ve been around the block long enough to understand that booze isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we offer these awesome, meaningful bachelor party gifts for your friends that aren’t associated with alcohol.

  • Groomsmen weekend bags
  • Camping coolers
  • Coffee tumblers and mugs
  • Personalized humidors
  • Leather watch box
  • Stainless steel money clips

Why Personalize a Bachelor Party Gift

For many of your friends, your bachelor party is a brief escape from work, the family and a mortgage. Some could argue this is enough to show your appreciation to them. But a bachelor party gift is more than a token of friendship.

We recommend giving your friends something they will use from time to time, such as cufflinks or a wall-mounted bottle opener with their name on it. That way, whenever they grab your gift months after the wedding or stag party, they’ll remember their buddies and the time shared together. It’s sentimental but in a masculine way.