Funny Groomsmen Gifts

You don’t have to be Lewis Black or Jim Gaffigan to find ways to weave comedy into your wedding. You can start to loosen the tension in the room with these funny groomsmen gifts.

Unusual groomsmen gifts are a surefire way to get a reaction from your wedding party. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or you just want to break free from the formal gift-giving experience, we have a wide collection of funny groomsmen gifts your party will love.

Personalized Bottle Opener - Credit Card Opener - Groomsmen Gifts-Default- On Sale
$ 17.99 $ 21.99
Personalized Soft Sided Cooler Personalized Soft Sided CoolerOn Sale
$ 37.99 $ 46.99
Personalized Bottle Openers - Set of 5 - Stainless Steel - Groomsmen Gifts- On Sale
$ 84.99 $ 92.99
12 oz. Groomsmen Sports Beer Mug-Modern- 12 oz. Groomsmen Sports Beer Mug-Modern-Sold Out
$ 18.99 $ 21.99
Personalized Groomsmen Kinsale Decanter Set with 2 Lowball Glasses Personalized Groomsmen Kinsale Decanter Set with 2 Lowball GlassesSold Out
$ 52.99 $ 59.99
Set of 5 12 oz. Groomsmen Sports Beer Mugs Set of 5 12 oz. Groomsmen Sports Beer MugsSold Out
$ 109.99

The Art of a Funny Groomsmen Gift

Funny groomsmen gifts can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and contexts. The latter is where you can get the most bang for your buck. Unusual groomsmen gifts such as a yo-yo or child-sized hockey sticks are available. But where you can really knock it out of the park is with something ironic or a little punny.

What’s your groomsmen’s favorite football team? Buy a poster or beer mug with his rival’s logo and print his name as the “number 1 fan.”

You can also try a quick zinger that’s printed on a shirt. Everyone at the wedding can experience your comedic genius when you make your groomsmen collectively dance at the reception with a black bowtie t-shirt.