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You’ve done it! You have finally convinced your soon-to-be wife that it is an absolute necessity for you to have your very own man cave set aside for you in the home. While she may have ruled out the idea of having your room separated from the other house with shark infested water surrounding it, these man cave gifts aren’t only ideal for you, but also for the groomsmen who will certainly be following your lead post wedding – and we’re not talking about the walk down the aisle. Prepare for your buddies to start asking you for man-cave-debate advice, so that they can the battle with their wives. These wife-approved yet manly awesomeness groomsmen gifts will definitely help their case.


Boozing For The Buddies

A man cave is never complete without a bar, or at least a mini fridge, or even a small cooler to keep the beers chilled. Your buddies are certainly going to be making your man cave their home base, but to keep the wife happy, you might want to get them their own set of beer mugs, coolers and beer accessories so that all of your rowdy guys can have boys night somewhere else from time to time. Plus, the more man caves there is to enjoy, the better. You also don’t want to overlooked the gift of Mr. Beer with Personalized Bar and Pub Glass Set or the classy Monogrammed Low Ball Glass Set. Every man needs his man cave and every man cave needs some boozing accessories.

Smokin’ Cigars

Your wife and your friend’s wives may not let you smoke a cigar in the actual man cave, but every man needs to have time for a stoggie with their buddies. Step outside with your groomsmen post wedding-pre reception for a cigar and give each of them the ultimate man-accessory, a Personalized Black Leather Cigar Holder. Its the ultimate celebration that everyone will be able to use in their own man cave as well.

Money Flowing With Clips

There isn’t much worse than walking into a man cave, only to spot a luxurious leather seat and fall back into it, only to have your bulky wallet jabbing into you in all places imaginable. It’s a dudes worst nightmare. Money clips are ideal for the groomsmen gift and practical for the man cave occasion. It’ll keep those dollar bills in check during your bachelor night as well!

No Women Allowed

Your wife may know not to enter your man cave on guy’s night, but your buddies wives may not know. The best thing you can give your groomsmen for their personal man cave is a sign. No women allowed, right? Man cave signs are personable which makes them an excellent gift for the guys on your wedding day, and you’ll also all be able to reap the benefits from having your man cave declared. Plus, the signs are extremely wife-friendly which will help the encouragement process with the wife.

The ideas for man cave gifts for your groomsmen are certainly wide spread. You can go the elegant route and provide your man cave groomsmen with engraved flasks, go with wife-friendly options of sophisticated man cave decor or get completely rowdy and prepare for some trouble with the guys with shot glasses, drinking games, beer mugs and so much more.

As a rule of thumb, keep your groomsmen man cave gifts practical, personalized and party-ready. Give them a gift they’ll appreciate and let’s get the party started!

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