Top 10 Wedding Party Gift Ideas for your Destination Wedding

Picking out the perfect bridal party gifts can be a challenge! Especially for a destination wedding. Bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts serve as a remembrance to being a part of your big day. Destination weddings are even more special because aside from the ceremony itself, traveling to the location holds a unique impression for every person. Zeroing in on a gift item is easy as long as you stick to your wedding theme: destination! There are hundreds of items to choose from, so we’ve given you the best. Here is a list of the top five bridal party gift ideas for your destination wedding.


  1. Personalized luggage tags are ideal gifts, reminding them of the time they spent with you on that special day each time they travel.
  2. Native products such as wines, treats or local memorabilia are great tokens of appreciation. Research local specialities that the guests can take home. Personalize these by tying on tags with the name of recipients as well as the wedding date and your initials.
  3. Mini Photo Albums with your initials and wedding date engraved on the cover. They will appreciate the memory of being at the occasion and will enjoy the photos they captured of the destination.
  4. Personalized Tote and Duffle Bags are both unique and practical gifts. A carry all bag that can be taken anywhere from the beach to the plane will have your wedding party thanking you for keeping them organized for the trip.
  5. Travel Kits filled with personal care goodies they’ll need for your wedding excursion. Make them personalized and embroider their name for a special touch.

It’s not that hard to choose which destination wedding gifts to buy as long as they compliment the theme of the occasion and are practical or usable.Your destination wedding gifts can be as memorable as the wedding itself and will always inspire blissful thoughts about sharing in your special day.

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