23 Creative Best Man Gifts (His Wife Will Hate #17)

A groom and his best man drinking whiskey before the ceremony

There are two types of best men. One is a no-brainer decision such as your brother or best friend since middle school. Another type of best man is one that stands out among your group of friends because they either introduced you to the girl of your dreams or have been a reliable and trustworthy partner-in-crime since the day you met. No matter how he ended up as your best man, he’s in charge of the other groomsmen, so choose carefully when thinking about what gift to give your best man.

Being the best man comes with great responsibility and most creative groomsmen gifts just won’t cut it. A different, deeper creative groomsmen gift for your best man, however, will be enough to show that you’re grateful to have him by your side during your big day. Here is a list of gift options for any type of best man.

Creative Best Man Gifts for the Sports Fanatic

1. Perfect for the Tailgating Lot

Black personalized cooler chair with the name Craig stitched into the side

Chances are you and your best man have toasted to your favorite team in a parking lot outside the stadium. Improvements are needed to the tailgating setup every offseason, and a personalized cooler chair is a great option to store your beverages and place to sit while you devour whatever is on the grill.

2. Tickets to the Game

Take it a step further with a meaningful yet creative groomsmen gift for your best man. The party doesn’t have to stop at the tailgate when you have a couple of seats waiting for you in the stadium. Your best man is a big deal, so try stepping it up a notch and get tickets to a game out of town and split the travel and hotel fees with him. Nothing is more special than your favorite team’s home stadium, but seeing them steal a win on the road is priceless.

3. Bring the Game Home

Bar sign on a canvas print that says Cowboys Hangout G-Baby Proprietor Gary B Adams

Okay, we get it. Good tickets are expensive and creep well into the triple digits. If the wedding budget is getting tight but you want your best man to receive something special, give him a personalized memento of his favorite team.

4. Better Than a Caddy

Black golf shoe bag with a dark blue towel hanging out with the initials ALR

It’s crazy how friendships blossom on the golf course. 18 holes is a long time to be around someone and the competition almost pulls you two closer together. Thank your best man properly for all those shared rounds and almost-birdies with a golf shoe bag that he’s going to bring with him for many rounds to come.

5. Plan a Weekend on the Links

Sometimes the most thoughtful and creative groomsmen gift for your best man is simply spending time together. If you guys have shared multiple tee boxes together in the past, plan a trip to try a new golf course you’ve always wanted to play. You can even make a weekend out of it if it’s out of state.

Creative Best Man Gifts for the Workaholic

6. He Probably Needs a New One

Black leather wallet with a 20 dollar bill clipped to the back of it

Do you remember how long your first wallet lasted? This piece of leather tends to hang around from our first driver’s license through our 21st birthdays. A money clip is a symbol of adulthood and the organization you need to keep your life together. Personalize a new money clip for him so he always has his things in order.

7. Make Sure They’re On Time

A personalized pocket watch with a long chain and roman numerals on the clock

Watches have become more of a fashion statement with society moving toward their phones to check the time. You can go above and beyond time-checking style for your best man with a gunmetal pocket watch. This personalized gift can be used to keep them on time for meetings and also look great when displayed at the office.

8. Give Him Style

2 gunmetal black cufflinks with the initials NES on the top

If your best man is always meeting you at happy hour with a loose tie and sleeves rolled up, you know he’s been trapped in a suit all day. You can give him a slight edge to his style during his next sales meeting with some sleek gunmetal cufflinks.

9. Storage for a True Gentleman

A watch and sunglasses storage container with a couple watches inside and the word matthews printed on the top

The organization of one’s desk is always a peek behind the curtain to their organizational tendencies. A watch and sunglasses box is a great addition to anyone’s work area and helps your best man stay organized with the accessories he wears to work.

10. The Next Bag He Uses Every Day

A blue travel duffle bag with a brown leather flap over the top with the initials TPK on the top

If you’re a younger groom with groomsmen that are just jump-starting their careers, the best and most creative groomsmen gifts are ones they will actually use. A leather messenger bag looks a lot better in an office environment than a college backpack. Upgrade your best man’s look with a great bag they will use every day while traveling in and out of the office.

Creative Best Man Gifts for the Outdoors

11. The Camping Junkie

Personalized groomsmen axe hatchet with a wooden handle with the name mcmillan on it

The creative groomsmen gift options for your best man who is an avid outdoorsman are endless. There are several options down this list but nothing is going to chop wood better than a personalized mountain axe. This compact axe is easy and safe to store, and it makes for a great tool when out in the wilderness for the weekend.

12. Take a Hike

Personalized green trail cooler that has the name Thomas on the front

If you want to give your best man something he’ll use for every outdoor adventure, you can’t go wrong with a functional cooler tote. These coolers are easy to carry, keep your food and beverages cold and hold a case of beer with ease. This portable trail cooler can hold all the essentials your best man will need on his future camping trips.

13. Outdoorsman Survival Starter Kit

A wooden knife box with a personalized pocket knife and drinking flask inside

Okay, so this starter kit might not be able to heal a wound or start a fire, but a flask gift box is easy to bring with you on a trip and stores a spring-assisted pocket knife and stainless-steel beverage flask. The wooden storage container is also slim, easy to pack and can hold your car keys, wallet and any other miscellaneous items that tend to get lost while hiking.

14. Fishing Buddy

Fishing rod bag with the initials RSN on the cover

If your best man loves fishing, give him a gift that will keep giving when he’s on the water. Tackle boxes are bulky, loud and become extremely unorganized after a day in the boat or on the shore. A fishing lure caddy has 14 pockets for your lures, bobbers, and fishing line. The best part is that it rolls up making it easy to carry with you to the boat.

15. Gone Fishin’

Pack up your own fishing lure caddy and your rods and get on the water. An afternoon or weekend spent on the open water in a new area with your best man could be the best gift of all. Spend some quality time together casting out lines and throwing back cold ones before your big day.

16. The Bag He Didn’t Know He Needed

A brown travel bag in several shades of brown with personalized initials on the front

Packing for a weekend outdoors or a big fishing trip can be tricky. You don’t want to bring too much and waste your energy carrying heavy bags all weekend. A leather toiletry bag is the perfect complement to the other essential items you need to bring on a weekend camping trip. This bag measures 7-by-11-by-4 inches. It’s compact, durable and easy to haul around.

Creative Best Man Gifts for the Homebody

17. Decorate His Walls

A black bar sign that says Benjamin's home bar authorized men only cheers

If your best man doesn’t get out as much anymore for any reason — kids, work, etc. — bring the party to him. Our selection of classic pub bar signs will tie his man cave together and give him the sense of being around the boys as he watches primetime sports from his couch. Whether he unwinds in his garage, home office or basement, these pub signs provide a fun-loving atmosphere to any room.

18. More Storage Space

A Mahogany personalized humidor filled with cigars that has a glass top that says matthews

Your best man probably doesn’t need leather-bound books and a room that smells of rich mahogany, but his cigar humidor should. Our personalized glass top humidors are Ron Burgundy-approved and hold up to 25-50 stogies. This 10-by-8-inch humidor is a creative gift option for a best man who likes a smoke every once in a while.

19. Personalize the Pregame

A black flask and black zippo lighter that both say Robert Smith 10-24-16

If your best man already has the cigar situation handled for your reception, pay him back with a personalized lighter and flask set. The set comes in a sleek black box which comfortably holds a Zippo lighter and 6-ounce flask. You can also personalize the instruments with his initials or last name.

20. Hide the Grillmaster

A Personalized Camouflage Printed Premium Grilling Apron that says Jake on the front

You may have outgrown your professional wrestling fandom when you were in junior high, but we all have that one buddy who is still an avid fan. And if he happens to be your best man, give him a John Cena look he’s sure to appreciate. Our camouflage aprons are perfect for the grillmaster who needs his essentials ready at the hip.

21. Tools for His Trade

A wooden BBQ grill set that includes tongs, fork, spatula and carrying case

Now that you and your groomsmen are adults, it’s time to act like it behind the grill. Our stainless steel grilling tools come packed in a stylish bamboo case that you can pack and take with you anywhere. Your best man will love his laser-engraved spatula, fork, and tongs while he flips burgers for his family during the next cookout.

22. Night Cap

A personalized whiskey glass that says Jesse with a bullet lodged into the side

There is something special about staying in with your closest buddies, clinking glasses together and sharing memories from your younger days. Give your best man the option to do it with a bulletproof whiskey glass that will look awesome at his in-home bar.

23. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

A whiskey barrel that says James The Man The Myth The Legend on the front

Nothing says “I love you, man,” like an oak barrel that’s ready to hold a couple of liters of whiskey. Creative groomsmen gifts for your best man don’t have to be sentimental, either — just get him what he wants. This whiskey storage unit will fit nicely next to the fridge in any man cave and also become a great conversation starter for any visitor.

Being creative with your best man gift doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Find something under $25 for your best man that’s both practical, cheap and meaningful. Explore all the options we have to keep your creative gift thoughtful and easy on the budget.

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