Destination Weddings: What to Bring with You

Having or attending a destination wedding in the future? We want to start by saying that we’re totally jealous. While destinations weddings are often more beautiful and enjoyable than traditional, local weddings, they combine the stress of nuptials AND travel, making it much more likely for your scatter-brain to get the best of you. We compiled a list of the things you cannot forget when you leave for a destination wedding. 

Luggage Tags

You have a very nice set of black luggage – just like everyone else on your flight. There’s a good chance you’ll need to bring multiple bags (especially if you’re the couple getting married) so do not skimp on properly ID’ing your bags. It’ll save you time and stress at the luggage carousel.

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Personal Documentation

This is a very easy one to forget (or lose at the reception when you’re getting down on the dance floor). As much fun as getting stranded in paradise sounds, we’re assuming that you have job you eventually have to get back to. Even if you’re not leaving the country, we'd hate to have you miss out on an open bar because you don't have your license.

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The Rings

Duh. It sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at what you can forget when trying to plan for a wedding AND a vacation at the same time. Traditionally, the best man holds onto the rings before the ceremony, but for destination weddings, the couple is better off being in charge of these crucial items. Like your passport, the rings are something that you need to quadruple check before leaving for the airport.

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Unlike the other items on this list, alcohol is totally optional. However, we included it because the resort you’ll be staying at will likely inflate the prices of drinks three-fold, and destination weddings are already pricey as it is. Save yourself lots of $$$ by checking a bag (or two) of booze. Visit the TSA website to see what the alcohol limitations are.

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