Do The Groomsmen Pay For The Bachelor Party?

If you’re getting married, chances are that the groomsmen and other guys in your life want to throw you a bachelor party. You may be wondering if it is appropriate for them to pay for the party or if they should even be doing it at all. A bachelor party is a celebration thrown in honor of the groom prior to his wedding. It can be anything from a trip to Las Vegas, or just an evening at home with friends and family. Traditionally, costs associated with this event are divided among the groomsmen; however, there has been a shift away from this tradition in recent years. 

What Does The Groom Pay For?

This one is very straightforward. The groom does not pay, nor will he think about paying.

So how should the best man and groomsmen pay for it?

Split It Equally

It's cheaper if everyone pitches in some cash or agrees on how much each person will spend on certain activities ahead of time. The best man will usually take care of most of the planning and should keep a running tab of the upfront and night of (Maybe the weekend's) cost.  Before the party everyone should have paid their share or know what they will owe after the event.

Bits & Pieces

The trust between men is what makes this work. These are all your friends right? The groomsmen can agree to all pay for certain portions of the night. For example one groomsman may be in charge of paying for the transportation and another will be providing the beverages. The emphasis is on cooperation and coordination. If you go this route make sure there is still a point man (likely the best man) who is organizing everything and ensuring everything is planned, booked and paid for.


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