Justin Bieber Groomsmen Gift Suggestions: An Open Letter

Aug 01, 2018

 Justin Bieber Engaged

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or taking one of those digital detoxes like Kendall and Selena, you’ve probably heard that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. Yeah, sure, they’ve been dating for less time than you’ve had your current haircut, but it’s all good – we’re 100% on board with this coupling.

In fact, we’re such fans of Bieber-Baldwin (Balder?! – or Biebwin?...we need an official celebrity couple nickname STAT) that we couldn’t help but already start planning for their wedding. Who will attend? Where will it be? And, do we get a plus-one when we’re invited?...

Our friends at Cosmo have put together the latest details on the Bieber Baldwin Wedding, but we thought we’d take a shot at helping Justin plan for his part in the wedding…with groomsmen gift suggestions, of course.

So, to the second-most popular groom of 2018 (behind Prince Harry, duh.), Justin Bieber, we write this open-letter, with our suggestions for Bieber-Baldwin Wedding Groomsmen Gifts:


Dear Justin (The Biebs),

Wedding planning can be tough, we know. You’ve done a great job thus far, though. Great ring, great decision to lose the mustache, and of course, great choice of a bride.

But with such a high profile wedding coming up, we know you want to make sure everything goes smoothly, from the to the ceremony to the honeymoon. And we thought we’d give you a helping hand by suggesting some cool groomsmen gifts for your wedding party.

Now, we know that a successful guy like you enjoys being super generous, especially in celebration of a special day, but before you go wild and try and import monkeys for your groomsmen, here are a few ideas that are affordable yet still pretty awesome, and some of them are even personalized to give that extra touch.


#1 Personalized Leather and Canvas Travel Kit

Personalized Travel Kit

We know you love hiking, and there’s no better way to bond with your bros than by taking a few essentials and hitting the road together. These personalized leather and canvas travel kits are chic, durable, and practical. They measure 7 inches by 11 inches by 4 inches, and are monogrammed with the first, middle and last initial.

What’s even better about this gift is that it can be used for other trips, so your friends will remember you wherever they go.


#2 A Hiking Trip In Canada

Jasper Park Canada

Of course, we understand that, as The Biebs himself, you might not be satisfied with just one or two groomsmen gifts; you might want to add a grand gesture as well. So how about taking your groomsmen and going on a hike in your motherland? Canadian hiking trails can’t be beat, and there are so many to choose from, such as Jasper National Park in Alberta and Banff National Park in Alberta.

To be sure, Jasper is a pretty amazing place to send the boys. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just returned from honeymoon in Jasper, not that we're suggesting you and the boys go on a honeymoon together. 


#3 “Tattoo” Bachelor Party

 A young Christian man like you will most likely not want to have that kind of bachelor party, and, anyway, it’s not the best idea if you want to steer clear of any tabloid drama. But your stag night can’t just be a boring old dinner at some fancy LA bistro; you need something wild and crazy too.

So, since you’re such a tattoo aficionado, how about you book out your favorite parlor and take your boys there to get matching tattoos?

Need tattoo suggestions. Our boy Action Bronson has a few I'm sure he'd share with you. 


#4 Coupons For Tattoo Removal

So, maybe after watching that video you've realized tattoos aren't for everyone.

Us too.

No regrets, Justin. We've got you and your groomsmen covered: tattoo removals.  Truly the groomsmen gift that gives back, tattoo removal is a perfect way for you and the boys to remove any unwanted tatts -- say, like the names of ex-girlfriends...not that we have anyone specific in mind (ahem). 


#5 Personalized NHL Locker Room Print

 Personalized Locker Room Prints

We know the truth: you can’t be friends with Bieber unless you’re also a die-hard NHL fan (or at least you try to be). So why not immortalize that bond by getting each groomsman a personalized NHL Locker Room print? The official jerseys feature the names of the top players of the team, and one of the jerseys will have your groomsman’s name. All NHL teams are available, though we haven't yet found one for your local squad, we'll sure ask around...


#6 Personalized Cuff Links

Personalized Cufflinks

Sometimes you just want to go the more traditional route and keep it simple. Or it's the night before the wedding and you're just reading this and need something FAST.

Either way, we've got you covered. Look no further than personalized cuff links engraved with your groomsman’s initials. Or, hey, you can even get them all engraved with your initials if you think that's more representative of your style. They’re silver-plated, square-shaped, and come in slick black box. We're sure they'll go over great, even if everyone's cuffs say JB on them. 


That’s it for our suggestions, Justin, hope they help. And if you need advice on how to write an epic wedding speech or the do’s and don’ts of groom and groomsmen style, check out our blog here.



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