How Much Should I Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

How Much Should I Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

Most grooms spend between $35-$50 per groomsmen. 

As every bride, groom, maid of honor, best man and Steve Martin can attest, planning a wedding is stressful. The good news is that you aren’t in this alone. A wedding is never a solo endeavor. At the very least, there’s at least one other person involved. The bad news is that this wedding is going to cost some dough, including a few expenses you never considered. One of the items on that list are groomsmen gifts

You might not even know about this tradition. There’s a chance you are sitting there asking yourself; Do I need to buy groomsmen gifts? To which the answer is a resolute yes.

Now that you’ve accepted you are buying groomsmen gifts, you still have to determine how much to spend on these. Which means you’re currently asking yourself:

How Much Does a Typical Groomsmen Gift Cost?

It’s a valid question, which demands to be answered with a series of additional insights. Here are a few personal questions to ask yourself before determining a dollar amount:

  • Who are my groomsmen? 
  • How many groomsmen are in my wedding?
  • How far did they travel to be here? 
  • Did they take vacation time to be here?
  • How much did they spend on clothes?
  • What other expenses did they have for this wedding?

We recommend considering each of these questions one at a time.

Who Are Your Groomsmen and How Many Are There?

The latter part of this question is easy. It’s quantifiable: How many are there? Is it just you and your best man? Or do you have 20 of your closet friends flanking you up the aisle? 

If you only have a few groomsmen, this makes the position more significant and might require a higher investment for your gift. But if it’s a flock of fraternity brothers turning your groom’s suit into a mini-reunion, your best bet is probably something out of our Under $25 collection. 

One more thing to keep in mind: you should also purchase gifts for your father, impending father-in-law, and any other close relatives, regardless of their status as groomsmen.

How Far Did Your Groomsmen Travel to be Here?

Is everyone from the same town as you? If so, that means the gifts can be less pricey and you don’t need to worry about transporting them. Knives and throwing stars are easier gifts when no one is getting on a plane the Sunday after the ceremony.

On the other hand, you might’ve just asked a bunch of guys from across the country to trek to Peoria for a long weekend. Or is this a destination wedding and you’ve got the whole gang flying out to Maui for 8 days? 

The more expensive their travel, the more you should consider a pricier gift. 

One last quick consideration related to travel: did people have to take vacation time from work to be here? If so, you want to make the gift a little spendier.

How Much Were the Groomsmen Outfits?

For some weddings, the only ask is that you show up in something other than denim. And hell, for some weddings denim is good enough. 

However, you might have the crew wearing tailored suits or matching bow ties and cummerbunds. In that scenario, they could have spent over $200 on their clothes alone. The least you can do is reciprocate with a thoughtful gift.

What Other Expenses and Responsibilities Did Your Groomsmen Have For This Wedding?

It’s harsh to say, but some groomsmen are nothing more than another bud to balance out all the bridesmaids on the other side of the aisle. 

But other groomsmen — especially the best man — are crucial entities, busy shepherding elderly guests to and from the airport. Some even tend bar! Others ensure the dance floor is packed at all times. 

Give some thought to what “hidden fees” your groomsmen may be facing, before deciding on a final price.

Seriously, How Much Should I Spend on My Groomsmen?

Truth is, there is no silver bullet answer here. However, if you need a simple calculation, a safe equation is to buy groomsmen gifts that cost 20-25% of what your groomsmen spent on the wedding. 

Some say $30 is the average and some say $50. As mentioned, you might want to spend a bit more on the dads and the best man, but keep it more or less within range. You don't want to get the best man a gift for $300 and your groomsmen gifts for $20. 

You can go from under $20 to close to $100. Remember that it’s rare to spend more than $100 per groomsmen unless you’re very comfortable with that kind of money or you just really want to say thanks, pal

Don’t Forget a Special Gift for the Best Man

Finally, remember that your best man is taking on a huge responsibility for your wedding. He’s giving a speech, trying not to lose your rings, and standing right next to you during the big moment. Consider giving your best man a special gift that really lets him know how much he means to you. 

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